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Shunde Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Dry Pool Music Fountain

Shunde Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is the second largest convention and exhibition center in Guangdong. The exhibition area is divided into 6 zones, with the Dry Pool Music Fountain divided into two zones, the main entrance of Zone 5 and the center of the atrium square in Zone 6. The Music Fountain at the Convention and Exhibition Center is not just a simple music fountain, but an art piece created through professional multi track production under outdoor conditions, cleverly surrounded by various sound systems and carefully selected classic music. The arrangement of the fountain's water posture references the beautiful action forms of curves, showcasing the beauty of technology and art.

Tianhe City North Square Music Fountain

Tianhe City North Square Music Fountain

Jiangmen Guifengshan Music Fountain

The project is located in the Guifengshan National Forest Park in Jiangmen. It was established by the former Labor University in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City and approved by the former Ministry of Forestry in 1997. It is a national AAAA level tourist attraction and a famous scenic spot in Guangdong Province, with an operating area of 3550 hectares. Guifeng Mountain is bordered by the South China Sea and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It boasts lush green mountains, rich and interesting tourism resources, integrating natural and cultural landscapes, as well as high mountains, lakes, and forests. The tourism environment is unique. Based on the on-site situation and local cultural characteristics, our company has divided it into four parts: the first part: designed two sets of water shapes: Dragon Walking in the World and Wealth Spring. The second part designed five sets of water shapes: central high spray, crystal pagoda, rotating dragon, mountain shaped water curtain, and Wealth Spring. Because the third part is symmetrical with the second part, there is a lotus sculpture in the middle, so the third part has the same water shape as the second part. The fourth part is a lotus sculpture, which is equipped with lighting and mist spray. The sculpture gives a sense of mystery under the influence of lighting and mist.

Jiangxi Longnan Longxiang Square Sound, Light, Electricity and Water Dance Show

Jiangxi Longnan Longxiang Square Sound, Light, Electricity and Water Dance Show

Music Fountain in the Dry Pool of the Municipal Square in Cangwu County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province

This project is located in Cangwu County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China. It is a dry pool music fountain in the municipal square This project uses multimedia computer control and DMX512 lighting, The combination of lighting and music fountain adds color to the People's Government Square of Cangwu County, Creating a stunning night scene in Wuzhou will better beautify the city and enhance its taste Showcasing the vitality and strength of the city, while also adding a beautiful scenic line to the urban area! The music fountain project has been warmly welcomed and praised by the local government and citizens.

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How the fountain company designs the location of the fountain according to different environments

There are many types of fountains, which can be roughly divided into: ordinary decorative fountains, fountains combined with sculpture, water sculpture, self-control fountains, etc. In general, the location of the fountain is usually located at the axis focus or endpoint of the building and the square. According to the characteristics of the environment, some small scenes of the fountain can be made to freely decorate the indoor and outdoor space. The fountain should be placed in a sheltered environment to maintain the water type. The fountain pool can be divided into natural form and whole form. The position of water spray can be located in the center of the pool, or it can be slanted to one side or freely arranged. The form, scale and size proportion of the fountain shall be determined according to the spatial scale of the fountain location. In open areas, such as the front of the station and the entrance of the park, the fountain pool is mostly shaped. The pool should be large, the water spray should be high, and the lighting should not be too gorgeous In narrow places, such as street turns, fountain pools are mostly rectangular; In traditional gardens, the fountain pool is mostly natural water spraying, which can be made into falling water, gushing spring, etc., mainly to show the natural water state; Lively places, such as some small parts of the park, fountains in free form, can be combined with various decorative pieces such as sculptures, and generally should not be changed too much. According to the physiological characteristics of human visual field, for fountains, sculptures, flower beds and other scenery, the vertical angle of view is within 30 degrees, and the horizontal angle of view is within 45 degrees. The suitable sight distance of the fountain is 3.3 times of the spray height. Of course, you can shorten the sight distance to create the effect of looking up

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